What is ‘Sponsored Content’ & Why It Will Grow Your Business

A marketing goal for every business is for its message to be heard loud and clear by its current and potential customers.

One of the most effective ways to accomplish that goal is to have a respected media company relay that message in the form of an article. Indeed, most companies report a spike in business following the publication of a positive article all about them.

Unfortunately, the article doesn’t always turn out so well. For a variety of reasons, the message gets lost in translation.That is what makes this “Sponsored Content” section of our website so attractive. There is no translation.

You, as the business, control the message from start to finish. You write it, we publish it right here. Consider this message you’re reading right now a sample of what you could expect.  You can include photos.  You can include a video.  You can include hyperlinks back to your website.  And, since the content is posted for 30 days, there’s ample opportunity that your current and potential customers will see your message, loudly and clearly.

We can even provide a writer if you need one — with you maintaining final approval of all content, of course.

The cost for a Sponsored Content posting on our website for 30 days is $400.

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